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International Shipping

Process for International Shipping

  1. Place Order
    1. 1.Purchase item(s) with one
      or multiple sellers.
    2. 2. Apply for combined
      shipping service.
  2. Send to Gmarket
    1. SellerA
    2. SellerB
    3. SellerC
  3. Ready for International
    1. 1.collection
    2. 2. Actual weight
    3. 3.Combine packing
  4. International Shipping
    1. Delivery completed
  • International shipping may take up to average 5~15 business days to get delivered.
    (International shipping process: The seller send items to Gmarket warehouse → All items gathered from Gmarket warehouse → On Worldwide shipping )
  • After measuring actual weight of the item, additional shipping fee can be required. In this case, the additional shipping fee is required to pay. We will send you a mail for the information, you can also check it out at “My Gmarket” page.
  • There could be a delay in shipping due to shipping courier or custom issue by countries/areas.

Other helpful information

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart is divided into two categories; Domestic & Overseas.
You can check out your selection of item(s) as well as weight and shipping fee based on this weight and shipping country.

Please note that for the International shipping, the actual shipping fee will be calculated after completed packing in Gmarket Warehouse.
For more information about 'actual calculation of International shipping', please click here.

Combined Shipping Service
The purpose of this service is to reduce unnecessary shipping fee applied to buyer.
You can apply this service from ‘My Gmarket>Shopping List Click on ‘Combined International Shipping’ button.

[ Combine shipment regulations ]
  1. 1. Once the delivery process for the item is proceeded, you are not able to request combined order.
  2. 2. Once you complete the payment for one order, you cannot add more items in that order.
    If you want to add more items, you need to make new order and request combined shipment.
  3. 3. Applying ‘Combine International Shipping service’ can be done only once and once the combined shipping has been done, you can't set back.
  4. 4. Shipping information should be the same(even the space and letter case of upper/lower).
    (Address/ Recipient’s name, etc.) And package's estimated weight must upper/lower)not exceed weight of 30kg.

If there is any difference with the delivery information, the system will not allow you to combine your orders.
Once the combined shipping has done, you can't set back.

International Shipping Fee
Shopping Cart
Gmarket calculates international shipping fee for all items deliver to worldwide.
This is done by product details which was inputted in our system and applied everytime the goods are ordered for international shipping.
Based on the product details, you will be pre-charged for international shipping fee.
Once Gmarket warehouse received all orders, actual weight will be remeasured and recalculated for international shipping fee.
On this stage, you will have two situation prior to shipment.
  1. 1. Payment completion - This means there is no extra shipping fee required.
    The warehouse will process the international shipping accordingly.
  2. 2. Awaiting payment - This means you have to pay additional shipping fee due to the charged shipping fee is less than actual shipping fee.
    When this appears, it is required for users to pay their outstanding fee immediately for further process.
See Gmarket International shipping fees and countries.
Tracking Packages
You can track your items at ‘My Gmarket>Shopping List’.
If you have any problems or inquiry regarding International shipping process,
you can contact to customer service center providing follow information.
  1. 1. Gmarket user ID.
  2. 2. Shipment Number: Could be one or more order is combined and shipped as one shipment.
  3. 3. Order number: Multiple items(transactions)on one cart.
  4. 4. Transaction Number: created per item.