About Gmarket


Gmarket, a brand of eBay Korea, has been a leading e-commerce marketplace in Korea, since it has been founded in 2000.
Offering differentiated online commercial platform, it has been sustaining steep growth in the challenging market.
Gmarket gives sellers a flexible and comprehensive sales solution and buyers a tremendous selection of goods at competitive prices.
We are working to improve customers’ life satisfaction by developing a wide range of service that satisfies the customers beyond their
expectation, and by making sellers and customers connected every time and everywhere.

Gmarket Global

Gmarket is operating Gmarket Global site for overseas customers ever since its launch of English language service on October 2006.
In September 2013, Chinese language service is opened for more customers around the world. To ensure flawless shopping experience for
the global customers, Gmarket offers worldwide customer service with English and Chinese speaking representatives.
Moreover, its world-class global logistics center can ship to over 70 countries worldwide, which helps domestic sellers send their goods to
worldwide conveniently.

Gmarket Global is continuously expanding goods categories hoping to provide wider range of shopping experience to more global customers.
Your feedback and suggestions at [global@corp.gmarket.co.kr] is most appreciated for the improvement of products and services.

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eBay Korea Co., Ltd.
34F, Gangnam Finance Center, 737
Yuksam Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul,
South Korea, 135-984


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