(Required) Collection and use of personal information

(Required) Collection and use of personal information
Purpose Items Retention period
Basic information to confirm identity, contact for notification of contract fulfillment and change of terms and conditions, confirmation of personal intention, and handling customer complaints ID, password, email address Within 5 days after membership withdrawal or retention period according to laws and regulations (however, 1 year after membership withdrawal when fraudulent transactions are confirmed)
Prevention of fraudulent use, prevention of unauthorized use, provision of services and fulfillment of contracts Date and time of visit, service use record and device information
Exclusion of fraudulent transactions (only when fraudulent transactions are confirmed after registration) ID, email address, the reason for fraudulent transaction,
member status value at the time of withdrawal
Providing customized services, developing new services, and improving quality through service usage performance statistics · analysis and surveys All items agreed upon at the time of collection,
service use records, device information
* The customer may not agree to the collection and use, and if not agreed, membership registration may be difficult.